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Message in a Bottle invitations from Cape Images
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Beach themed decorative extras
    Washed up on the beach, a bottle with a rolled-up message inside is one of the most romantic and exciting finds ever. Capture a bit of that magic with our Message-in-a-Bottle invitations, which can be decorated for that "Found on the beach" look.
    Choose from natural items from the sea to decorate your bottles. Or for a colorful, tropical look, how about a bright paper-and-bamboo cocktail umbrella in each bottle? A sprinkling of sand, a few seashells, or sea glass will be the ideal finishing touch for your invitations.

Decorative options for your Message In A Bottle

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Mixed Shells
Mixed Shells

Mixed Sea Glass
Mixed Sea Glass

Umbrellas, Mixed Pastels

Paper cocktail umbrellas are in assorted tropical colors. Shells and sea glass are random assortments.
These items are all natural, each one the genuine article from the sea. We provide you with two to four of each item per bottle, depending on size. Shells are a diverse mix of natural tropical varieties.
Shark's Teeth
Shark's Teeth
Sea glass weighs more than the other items and should be used sparingly to keep the bottle weight under 2 ounces for mailing.
Blue Sea Glass
Blue Sea Glass

Mixed Sea Glass
Mixed Sea Glass

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